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Situated in an amazing location, Pahrump is surrounded by plenty of things to do and lots to see. Just ask Arlette Ledbetter, Director of Tourism and her Executive Assistant, Alexandra (Alex) Crow. They are responsible for bringing in tourists and guiding them to enjoy their visit. They report to Tim Sutton, who is the Town and County Manager. 

Who makes up the Tourism Office, and what are their responsibilities?

Arlette has worked for the Town of Pahrump for a total of 13 years and the Tourism Department for the last nine of those years. Up until January 2018, she was the entire department. Now she has Alex to help her promote Pahrump as a destination worthy of visiting.

The Tourism Department’s primary goal is to increase both domestic and international visitation and to promote overnight stays. This includes developing relationships with the lodging facilities, local business attractions, and community partners in the area. When promoting an event coming to town, it is their responsibility to make sure all stakeholders are aware and ready for action. Tourism is the number one economic stimulator in Pahrump.

These two talented women oversee the development of the creative messaging, such as social media, digital marketing, websites, brochures, promotional materials, press kits, welcome signage, and the like used to promote the town. They organize different kinds of media coverage and marketing programs for Pahrump, the local attractions, events, and activities held here.

“ When promoting an event coming to town, it is their responsibility to make sure all stakeholders are aware and ready for action.”

Liaising with cities, towns, and communities nearby are also essential. They all work together and promote each other to help bring more people to the area which benefits all. The tourism organizations of the surrounding areas keep each other informed on things that may impact as well as benefit others. Arlette is also the liaison to the Pahrump Tourism Advisory Committee (PTAC) to ensure all committee members are aware of the various marketing efforts underway. PTAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners.

Another one of Tourism’s responsibilities is to liaise with vendors and representatives for sales accounts. If a group is planning a rally or conference here, this team will be there to help them accomplish their goals.

“ Pahrump lies halfway between Las Vegas and Death Valley National Park, two top-rated travel destinations.”

Attending tourism seminars and symposiums help keep the tourism team current on what’s going on. Learning trends and significant data in the tourism industry is key to their jobs, and they incorporate what they can into the Pahrump marketing plans. Trade shows are also vital in promoting the town and what it has to offer.

Pahrump lies half-way between Las Vegas and Death Valley National Park, two top-rated travel destinations. Arlette is the primary media relations contact concerning events and marketing plans. It is also her responsibility to manage media coverage, including working with Las Vegas tourist media.

How is Pahrump’s Tourism Department-funded?

The budget for tourism comes from two sources: a portion of the room tax revenue and grants. Arlette writes and submits state grant requests to help support the activities and responsibilities of the Tourism Office. All rural towns with a population of less than one hundred thousand people compete for these state grants. Arlette is successful in getting Pahrump its fair share.

“ Increasing ‘heads in beds’ is a primary goal for tourism.”

Increasing “heads in beds” is a primary goal for tourism. They promote overnight stays in Pahrump, which also means these visitors will spend money elsewhere in town. They’ll dine, shop, workout at the gym, tour the museum, visit the casinos and explore other opportunities Pahrump has to offer. Visitors sometimes become residents because they like what they see and experience. Some even start new businesses in the area.

Other town entities covered by the room tax include our parks, the rodeo arena, the fairgrounds, Lakeview Executive Golf Course (now owned and maintained by the town), and a portion goes to the state. The more people who stay in town lodging, the more financial support is available for the entities relying on the room tax. Lodging partners include motels, hotels, B&Bs, RV Parks, and short-term rentals.

Who are some of Tourism’s partners?

Tourism works closely with the lodging partners and other attractions in town. For example, even though the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club are membership-based organizations, they impact the economics of Pahrump by bringing people to town.

Among other partnerships, Tourism nurtures are the organizers of town events, Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce, Nevada Silver Trails, Travel Nevada, and Death Valley National Park. These partners are essential to Pahrump tourism in that they also help bring national and international visitors to our town.

For instance, Travel Nevada has eight international offices that promote the state in those countries. Also, Death Valley is a big draw, and a high percentage of their visitors are global. Many of those visitors drive through or stay in Pahrump. Places like Badwater Basin at 282 feet below sea level is the lowest place in North America, and The Furnace Creek Golf Course is the lowest golf course in the world. People from around the world want to experience these places.

Pahrump is a logical stepping stone to other places of interest in the area. Tourism helps bring them to Pahrump, and in many cases, they stay here to enjoy what Pahrump has to offer.

“ You can find out more about the Tourism Office at”

What qualifies these women to run the Tourism Department?

Arlette has worked in the hospitality industry for the majority of her adult life in different capacities around the country. Having family in Pahrump brought her here to stay where she enjoys the rural environment and being involved in the community. One of her special credentials is being a Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) from Destinations International, the tourism industry’s highest individual educational achievement.

Alex was born in Chile, grew up in Montreal, and then came to Pahrump while in the Service. Here is where she and her husband chose to raise their four children. She served a total of 12 years in the Armed Forces and appreciates Pahrump’s pride in Veterans. She’s a true asset to the department in that she speaks three languages fluently, Spanish, French, and English. She is extremely helpful in communicating with visitors who struggle with the English language. 

Where can you find the Tourism office?

You can find the Pahrump Department of Tourism at 400 N. Highway 160. If you want to take advantage of your time in this area, or if you live here and have family or friends coming to stay with you, come and talk with Arlette and Alex. They’ll tell you where to visit and the sights to see. You’ll understand why Pahrump has become such a popular place to stop by and spend some time.

You can find out more about the Tourism Office at The office contact numbers are Arlette at 775-727-2820, or Alex at 775-727-2814.


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