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Good Health is all about pH Balance!

The term pH balance refers to the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Easy to understand examples are spas, swimming pools, planting soil and fish tanks. pH is measured on a scale of 0.0 to 14.0. Values less than pH 7.0 are acidic, and values over pH 7.0 are base or alkaline. Pure water has a pH value of 7.0- a perfect balance of acids and alkaloids.

A common definition of pH is “potential Hydrogen.” This definition is reasonably accurate but for practical purposes, I would like to define it in the words of a mentor of mine. He likes to define pH in terms of its effect on human health and frequently calls it the “­power to Heal.”

What is Your Power to Heal (pH)?

The human body is a marvelous creation, designed to be self-healing. When it is balanced and functioning properly, it will repair itself. Your body will automatically correct imbalances and diseased conditions through its homeostatic mechanism (a survival system) which seeks to maintain a constant pH 7.365 in the blood.

The body protects this pH balance by depositing and withdrawing alkaline or acidic minerals from other locations in the body including the bones, vital organs, soft tissues, and body fluids.

Our “Power to Heal” is at its greatest potential when the pH of the body’s clear fluids remain in the Healing pH range of 7.1-7.5. This slightly alkaline condition is vital to the body’s ability to perform cellular repair and maintain natural healing. A fasting saliva pH test is the quickest, easiest, and most accurate way to establish our immediate healing potential.

Lack of pH Balance and Poor Health

We read everywhere that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment. Nearly all degenerative chronic diseases of modern man, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, asthma, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity (pH 5.0 to pH 6.5) in the clear fluids of the body.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control believes that these chronic diseases are among the most preventable. As the owner of Pahrump Wellness Center, I have found this to be true. I hope to outline one way of removing a major roadblock to the natural healing pathways in the human body.

Excess acid in the body dissolves both teeth and bones. Excess alkalinity creates even more severe problems for the body, including vomiting, seizures, chronic indigestion, over-excited nerves, thick blood, edema, night cramps, and bone spurs.

Poor pH balance is known to disrupt digestion and inactive vital body functions. One encyclopedia puts it this way “Enzymes and other proteins have an optimum pH range and can become denatured [or altered natural qualities] outside this range.” Can you see how this is important to good health?

Dr. Robert O. Young has pointed out that every single cell in the human body is affected by the pH levels of the clear fluids of the body.

Regardless of the health situation, you are faced with, you should monitor your progress toward a proper acid/alkaline balance by testing your saliva pH level weekly. Your results will indicate your susceptibility to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

3 Steps to Life-Long pH Balance and Good Health

  1. Test your saliva pH one-time every week.
  2. Take pH balancing supplements DAILY to balance pH quickly.
  3. Consider other factors that work against your body’s natural pH balance.

Step 1: Test your saliva pH ONE TIME every week.

1 – Saliva is part of the clear fluids that make up over 55% of your body weight. These clear fluids fill the body and include lymph fluid, intracellular fluid, organ cushioning fluid, spinal fluid, cranial fluid, the fluid that surrounds the heart, and the synovial fluid that fills the joints.

2 – The saliva pH test is convenient. Testing is most accurate when done first thing in the morning. However, you get a good indication anytime day or night when it has been:

• 2-3 hours after food and beverages
• 1 hour after chewing gum/ teeth brushing
• 5 minutes since drinking water.

3 – Saliva pH testing can be done at home, in the health food store, or the doctor’s office. It only takes about two minutes total to test and log your results.

Saliva pH Testing is a simple way to take control of your own health. It is easy to help your family, friends, and neighbors to learn to do the same for themselves.

Step 2: Take a pH balancing supplement DAIL to balance pH quickly.

I only have so many words each time I write this article and cannot go into this step sufficiently. In order to unlock this crucial step, you will have to come into our store to find out our number 1 recommended and highly vetted supplement!

Step 3: Consider other factors that work against your body’s natural pH balance.

Are all acids bad?

No. The human body is designed to work best with a healthy balance of good acids and good alkaloids that keep each other in check. Good (balancing) acid sources include:

  • Fresh citrus fruit
  • Fresh onions and garlic
  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • All essential fatty acids

Harmful acid sources include:

  • Juices from concentrate (choose fresh-squeezed juices only)
  • Meats from grain-fed cattle (choose free-range, grass-fed beef and bison)

Heavy metal and heavy chemical contamination contribute to acid levels. These are now commonly found in:

  • Drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Seafood that contains mercury (includes most saltwater and freshwater fish!)
  • High fructose corn syrup (HFCS- has been found to have dangerous levels of mercury in most batches; most are also GMO)

What is the bottom line?

For achieving and maintaining a healthy, happy life, there is no other health-related number as important as your “power to Heal” or pH. Your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, and pulse readings are all affected by the pH of the body’s internal environment.

You CAN reach your health goals. Your body CAN regain its natural healing ability. Don’t ever give in to those who would tell you that there is no hope for your health condition. You CAN be pH-healthy for life!


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