Mystery Diner – “The Place to Go”

Mystery Diner
Mystery Diner

This is “The Place to Go” if you are hungry for a casual dining experience with a menu that has enough selections to make everyone happy. A great atmosphere where the whole family could enjoy a meal together. We arrived very hungry so we started with an appetizer. The mozzarella sticks were crunchy with a great spice blend in the batter, and it came with a nice, thick marinara sauce.

With an empty appetizer basket, we searched the large variety on the menu. My husband wanted traditional, bone-in wings since that is one of his favorite foods. The plethora of flavor choices gave him a chance to pick exactly the level of heat he was craving. They had a great deal on the boneless wings, but that just wasn’t what he wanted that night. It came with a side of sweet potato fries that were great for mopping up the extra sauce from the wings.

I had a hard time deciding since there was pasta and salad options that I was interested in trying, but we had gone with the intention to eat a great burger so that is what I ended up choosing. I wanted something unique with flavors I wouldn’t find anywhere else, so I picked the ignition burger. I had the grilled jalapenos on the side so I could control the level of heat, and add them in one at a time in the bites I wanted the kick of flavor. The meat was juicy, and the crunch from mozzarella sticks in the burger was a deliciously good combination. 

We wanted something sweet to go with all the savory flavors we had enjoyed, so we ordered a slice of cheesecake and the deep-fried Oreos. The Oreos were definitely the star of the desert with a perfectly crispy batter and warm soft Oreo center. I would like to go back and try a shake because it has the feel of “a burger and shake” kind of place, but that will have to wait till next time.

‘The Place to Go’ is located off of highway 160 in Wheeler Plaza behind the purple Phantom Fireworks store. They are open every day of the week. Sunday hours are 11 am – 4 pm, and Monday through Saturday they are open 11 am – 8 pm. The service we had was friendly, and even though our server was a picky eater herself, she had great suggestions of what other people most commonly order, and did her best to help us have a great experience. We went later in the evening and were happy to see the flow of customers coming and going without it ever getting too crazy.


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